Birchwood Supply Co.

Custom Design. Vintage Goods.

Start Where You Are. This is the foundation we started Birchwood Supply on back in July 2016 when we opened our doors. What we started began much earlier than that though. We have been building BWS one brick at time over the last 5 years through our custom design work, traveling to markets throughout Ohio and beyond, and working to bring unique, one of a kind pieces together in a curated setting for your home, work space, and lifestyle. 

Since the beginning we have started small and cared about our product and the people we bring them to. My mom, Julie, instilled this in me a long time ago and it hasn't left. Care about what you do, take care of each other, and chip away no matter how big the task. That is how we approach each day and each interaction.

There is something about a small business, and it is hard to pin it down sometimes, but really it comes down to the people. BWS was founded on relationships and we will continue to work towards bringing high quality pieces to your home, work, and lifestyle.